Servian, native of or relating to Servia.
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SF = Serbia
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= Serbia.
Ex. This guide covers libraries and archives in the following regions of Yugoslavia: Bosnia; Herzegovina; Croatia; Macedonia; Serbia; and Slovenia.
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= Serbia.

Ex: This guide covers libraries and archives in the following regions of Yugoslavia: Bosnia; Herzegovina; Croatia; Macedonia; Serbia; and Slovenia.

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Del verbo servir: (conjugate servir)

servía es:

1ª persona singular (yo) imperfecto indicativo

3ª persona singular (él/ella/usted) imperfecto indicativo

Multiple Entries:
servir (conjugate servir) verbo intransitivo
1 (ser útil):
esta caja no sirve this box won't do o is no good;

ya no me sirve it's (of) no use to me anymore;
¿para qué sirve este aparato? what's this device for?;
no lo tires, puede servia para algo don't throw it away, it might come in useful for something;
este cuchillo no sirve para cortar pan this knife is no good for cutting bread;
no sirves para nada you're useless;
no creo que sirva para este trabajo I don't think he's right o suitable for this job;
servia de algo: de nada sirve llorar it's no use o good crying;
¿de qué sirve? what's the point o the use?;
esto te puede servia de mesa you can use this as a table
a) (en la mesa) to serve

b) (trabajar de criado) to be in (domestic) service

c) (Mil) to serve (frml)

3 (Dep) (en tenis) to serve
verbo transitivo
1comidato serve;
bebidato serve, pour
2 (estar al servicio de) ‹persona/a la patriato serve;
¿en qué puedo serviala? (frml) how can I help you?

servirse verbo pronominal (refl) ‹comidato help oneself to;
bebidato pour oneself, help oneself to
I verbo intransitivo
1 to serve
servir a la patria, to serve one's country
2 (ser útil) to be useful, be suitable: su fracaso no me sirve de consuelo, his failure is no consolation to me
el cine te servirá de distracción, the film will keep you amused
ahora ya no sirve para nada, it's no use at all
¿para qué sirve?, what is it (used) for?
3 (ropa, objetos) los pantalones ya no le sirven, the trousers don't fit him now
4 (tener capacidad) este muchacho sirve para estudiar, this boy is good at studying
5 (actuar como sustituto) esta cacerola me servirá de casco, this pot will serve as a helmet
II verbo transitivo
1 to serve
¿en qué puedo servirle?, what can I do for you? o may I help you?
2 (comida) to serve
(bebida) to pour
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